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Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection (IIPDEP) is non-political, non-profit NGO. 


Public education and awareness. Research and Data Collection. Information and Advocacy. Partnership with International, Regional, National, NGOs, societies. Rehabilitation and Capacity building. Lobbying to policy makers and bureaucrats. Sensitization of Media.

Our Mission: 

Peace, Human Rights; Disarmament; Nuclear weapons free world; Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions; Human security; Education and awareness against Illegal Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons; Human Rights Education and awareness (Advocacy); No More Hiroshima: No More Nagasaki: Peace Museum,; Environmental Protection; Rehabilitation and capacity building; Role of Engineers & Scientists towards Global Responsibility; Sustainable development; Gender and children; Any issues directly or indirectly leads to the peace, sustainable development , environment including Health in developing and under developed societies. 

IIPDEP takes a holistic and integrated approach to development that favors the sustainability.