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The board comprises 10 elected members and they meet at regular intervals at least four times a year. The board members come from diverse backgrounds and they share a common desire to help and educate the communities towards peace and sustainable development and to engage the communities from grass root to national level in mainstream development processes. The board aims to improve opportunities for disadvantaged communities and to enable them to realize their full human potential. The board members have expert knowledge in IIPDEPís program areas (e.g. peace, disarmament, human rights, education, health and livelihood).

 They offer IIPDEP the benefit of their skills in different areas.

The board plays a vital role in organizational management, recruitment of key program personnel, and provides suggestions and guidance. It meets with staff and interacts with stakeholders to learn their views and needs in order to help the organizationís management to plan appropriately and effectively. The board believes that stakeholder participation plays a critical role in ensuring organizational transparency and accountability.

1) Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey President
2) Krishna Dhok Vice-President
3) Pradip Lande Secretary
4) Rambhau Werulkar Treasurer
5) Dr. Krishnarao Shete Member
6) Dr. Chandrashekhar Phadnaik Member
7) Ravi Kumar Member
8) Dr. Ms Uma  Rahate Member
9) Dr. Ms Nalini Kurve Member
10) Prakash Tekadey Member