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Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament Environmental Protection as a part of IPPNW arranged remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki days from 6 to August in Nagpur and other cities in India. On 6th August the event arranged in Raman Science Center Nagpur. More than 200 student and teachers from various school participated. Dr. Krishna Kambale, Professor Head department of Radiation Therapy Oncology, Government Medical College addressed, the participants in simple and lucid manner Medical Effects of Nuclear War. He said that atomic explosion which create intense thermal radiation, shock wave and blast, affects the human being intensely. As well as on food and nutrition. Millions of human being and animals will die and many more suffer from various radiation diseases like cancers. After explosion direct and indirect effects n on water supplies, sanitation and public health. Thermal injuries, kellods, nuclear cataract, leukemia and other cancers. There is no medical cure. Wars never go accordingly to plan. Mistake due to human failure and technological malfunction as inevitable. To save the humanity and planet earth only way is to get rid of the inhuman nuclear weapons  from  the plant earth.  

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey , President IIPDEP said 6th 9th August 1945 is the blackest days in the history of humanity. Atomic bombs was dripped at 8.15 am on Hiroshima and at 11.02 am on Nagasaki where many million people lost their lives instantly. He narrated the international scenario and spoke on detail on South Asia, hot bed of arms race. There are many complex reason for the miss-trusts, miss-understanding and animosity. Any fanatic military officer or terrorist groups may start nuclear war in south Asia. The threat of use of missile by either India or Pakistan is terrifying because distance between launch sites and target is so short it take only 6 to 8 minutes. It is difficult to determine when an incoming missile was carrying nuclear weapons and due to misunderstanding as retaliation nuclear war may start. Nuclear blast happened in few seconds of nano second. Countries posses hydrogen, thermonuclear bombs which are many thousands effective and lethal than atomic bombs. There is MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) race is going on in the world. Dooms day clock is ticking. Most people in India as well as in the world are not aware that happened on fateful day in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Public education is only tool for Nuclear Weapons free world. Peoples especially young generation have to be informed and educated that power does not come from nuclear capabilities and weapons of mass destruction but from the economic growth. We have to decide whether we want to live in peace or in pieces. It is upto us to keep the mother earth safe for our future generation by saying no to the weapons of Mass destruction.  

Science quiz is arranged for the students and winners were distributed the certificates.  

Shri Pathak, Shri Choudhary, Shri . Pullewar and staff of Raman Science Center, Dr. Rahul Arora,Dr. Mahindra Parihar, Dr. Rajendra Gunjal of MGIMS and medical students Ketan Ingle, Shrikant Kalbagwar, Ajikany Deshmukh, Yuwaraj Band and Aniklkuanr, and Akshay Gulhane worked hard for the success of the event.  

Dr. Krishna Kambale, Professor Head department of Radiation Therapy Oncology, Government Medical College

Youth leader of IIPDEP, and IPPNW medical student Ingle conducting the science quiz. Students in science quiz
Public event in front of status of Mahatma Gandhi in city Square